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Everblue Communications is a full-service direct marketing company, bringing cutting edge strategies to candidates, advocacy groups, and small non-profits. We are political consultants who believe in personal attention for clients, data-driven campaigns, and winning messages. Unlike other firms, we leverage the strengths of digital and direct mail together to produce powerful results, for a fraction of the cost of high-priced beltway consultants.

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Delivering your message is the most important part of a campaign. From persuasion targeting, calls to action, or get-out-the vote, we help you use your resources for the best impact in order to get the most votes for your money.


Digital advertising is one of the most powerful – and underutilized – tools in politics. With the unique ability to microtarget, track, and analyze every movement of your voters, candidates that take advantage of the rapidly expanding digital landscape win elections. At Everblue Communications, we utilize cutting edge digital analytic tools to find your voters and message directly to them.


Direct mail has 1.5 seconds to tell your story. Quality mail, one that evokes emotion and tells your candidates story, is a powerful tool. Even in the 21st century, mail is still a proven way to talk directly to targeted voters. Everblue Communications brings together top designers, data analysts, and storytellers to produce impactful mail that will resonate with your voters long after they’ve tossed it away.

Campaign Startup

A campaign is a battle plan and should show a clear path to victory. Many well-qualified candidates are not campaigners, which is why having a consultant on hand to walk you through the process can be such as asset when running for office. Your focus should be on the voters, not on the process. Because we accept a limited number of clients, we have the ability to be more hands-on and personally involved in you campaign.


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Targeting + Messaging

Crafting a winning message is what wins campaigns, for both issues and candidates. Not only do you need to understand your target demographics, ideologies, and background, but you also need to refine your message so that it communicates your core identity to them quickly and effectively. You need to show them your qualifications and ideals, as well as public policy positions.

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